About PathoChip

The most extensive microarray available for pathogen detection

PathoChip is an assay for highly parallel DNA and RNA detection of all known viruses, and all known human pathogenic bacteria, fungi, protozoa and helminths.

At ExcaliVir we have designed a proprietary probe technology that assures specificity. In microarray format PathoChip assays are rapid, and have great sensitivity for detection of these infectious agents.

Our proprietary extraction protocol is capable of successfully recovering DNA and RNA from human cells, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and parasites which allows for detection of even low copy number sequences representative of an infectious agent.

PathoChip provides unparalleled coverage across kingdoms in just a single screen and is able to identify:

> 4,200


> 250


> 130


> 360


> 320


Why PathoChip?

PathoChip’s coverage is more extensive than any other available array or technology in terms of the different types of infectious agents detected. It is more efficient and less expensive than next-gen DNA sequencing and PCR. It has the potential to replace hundreds of individual PCR assays and eliminates the need for a clinical hypothesis regarding a suspected pathogen.