Scientific Advisory Board

Teresa Compton, Ph.D.

Dr. Compton is an accomplished scientist and biopharma executive with proven success in drug discovery (infectious diseases, immunology, neurology), translational medicine (“omics” technologies and pathway analysis) and oncology background. Dr. Compton has an extensive publication record, has served on numerous company R&D leadership boards, in addition to acting in various university, national, and international leadership roles.

Sandy Stewart, MS

Mr. Stewart is an innovative biotechnology entrepreneur and scientist with extensive hands-on research, project development and management experience spanning various target/product discovery fields to HTS assay and diagnostic product development. In addition to a successful 12-year career with Ciba-Geigy/Novartis, Mr. Stewart founded or co-founded 3 life sciences research companies. Mr. Stewart is an expert in design and implementation of interdisciplinary research programs using immunochemistry, proteomics, metabolomics and automation/robotics.